Zucchetti Solmicro ERP


  1. Microsoft environment: flexible design, customisable software, modular and easy-to-use
  2. Innovative and secure: development in NET and 3-tier architecture, 1st ERP certified for Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure
  3. Openness to the environment: standard technology, guarantee of Microsoft and Zucchetti
  4. High functionality & verticalized management for business sectors: industry, engineering, technical assistance, services, distribution, transport, etc.
  5. Multifunction: multi-company, multi-language, multi-user and multi-currency structures.
  6. 100% integration: single tool for all management areas (finance, sales, logistics, manufacturing, technical assistance, etc.)
  7. Total freedom and independence of management: access to information at all times and from any device
  8. Maximum productivity: prevents duplications and possible errors. Reduce management times!
  9. Scalable solution with a guarantee of technological evolution and maximum-security architecture: the future is open to improvement
  10. More than 1,500 companies manage their information with Solmicro ERP: a great community, always advancing and improving  


  1. National and international partner with Solmicro ERP: proven knowledge
  2. Deployment methodology: tested and constantly being improved and developed
  3. Work teams: multidisciplinary, stable and goal-oriented
  4. Experience in business sectors: industry, engineering, technical assistance, services, distribution, transport, environmental management, etc.
  5. ATE-specific Solmicro ERP digitalisation developments: document digitalisation, automated report generator, etc.
  6. Supplementary knowledge: apps, web, systems, industry 4.0
  7. ATE MOBILE: specialists in process mobilisation in the sales, distribution, supply, logistics, warehouse and other areas
  8. T.S.U. commitment: Ongoing Technological Support and Upgrading
  9. ATE guarantee: consultants specialised in management
  10. Deploying Solmicro ERP since 2005: experience in digitalising ERP deployed


ATE has been recognised by Zucchetti Spain as the best national and international Solmicro ERP Partner in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

In recognition of the daily and constant work, based on the trust of all the organisations with which ATE has worked in its digitalisation processes with Solmicro ERP


Comprehensive management of all business areas


  • General and Budgetary Accounting
  • Tax Returns, VAT information (Spanish SII system), Ticket Bai (Basque Country invoice and collection recording system), Batuz (Biscay province tax fraud prevention system)
  • Management of Collections and Payments Portfolio.
  • Simulations and Cash Forecasts
  • Fixed Assets
  • Analytical Accounting
  • Customer and Item Profitability
  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation
  • Company groups
    • Management of National and Foreign Subsidiaries
    • Basic Consolidation of Balance Sheets



  • Registration/Monitoring of Commercial Offers
  • Delivery Programmes
  • Sales prices
  • Sales circuit: orders, shipments, invoicing
  • Self-billing
  • Electronic Billing
  • Purchase forecasts
  • Contract and budget management
  • Supplier and rate management
  • Procurement circuit: requests, orders, receipts, invoicing
  • Processing of Internal Requests
  • Request for Quotes from Suppliers and Awarding Contracts



  • Stock management: rotations, order points, minimum stocks
  • Control of warehouses, depots and offices
  • Location control
  • Control of shipments and receipts
  • Rotating inventories
  • Warehouse valuation
  • CRM sales planning
  • Pre-sales management
  • Sales forecasts
  • Sales funnel and forecast
  • Marketing
  • Resource and incident management



  • Shop management
  • Item management
  • Management of generic or loyalty customers
  • Sales management
  • Till management
  • Reception of EDI order files/programs
  • Generation of files
  • Setting parameters for the working mode



  • Dynamic MRP
    • Procurement requirements and request generation
    • Manufacturing requirements and order generation
  • Launching, monitoring and control of production
    • Manufacturing order management
    • Production control, work orders, hours
    • Incidents, material consumption, tooling control, rejections
    • Batch control and traceability
  • MRP for Purchasing Requirements
    • Calculation, Generation of Requests and Purchase Orders
    • Generation of Supplier Purchase Programs
  • MRP for Manufacturing Requirements
    • Calculation, Generation of Manufacturing Orders
    • Generation of the Production Master Plan
    • Representation of the Workloads at “INFINITE Capacity”
  • Production scheduling at “FINITE Capacity”
  • Scheduling and Graphic Representation
  • Outsourcing



  • Standard cost
  • Actual cost
  • Analysis of technical and financial differences
  • Simulation of costs and calculation of budgets
  • Configurable items, structures and routes.
  • Features, formulas.
  • Integration with offers, quotes and sales orders


  • Solmicro MES Basic
    • Manual Collection of Plant Data
  • Solmicro MES Advanced
    • Real-time monitoring, OEE, indicators
  • Machine Data Collection
  • ELM 2D/Virtual Reality


  • Definition of assets
  • Management of corrective maintenance
  • Management of preventive maintenance
  • Integration with Stocks and Purchases
  • CRDs


  • Budgets, projects and works
  • Financial control and deviations
  • Project progress control
  • Milestones and certificates
  • Purchases and Shipments against Projects
  • Allocation of Work Orders and Settlement of Expenses
  • Works: BC3 Importing, Management, Housing Development
  • Graphical Workforce Planning


  • Incident Audits/Registry
  • Supplier Reception Control and Evaluation Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Process Control and Final Control/Calibration
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • AQP (Advanced Quality Planning)


  • Gestión de trabajadores
  • Control de fichajes
  • Gestión de formación
  • Evaluación del desempeño
  • Prevención de riesgos laborales


Comprehensive management adapted to each sector


Solmicro ERP Industrial manages the specific information for the Industrial Sector. Work Orders, Cost planning, Manufacturing and Global Plant Management (Solmicro MES), managed in a single environment. Especially designed for repetitive manufacturing companies and capital goods.

Production Planning Product Configurator SOLMICRO MES
Standard & Actual Cost MRP Calculation of Purchasing Requirements Obtaining new products with features and Cost prices  Manual Collection of Plant Data
Cost Simulation Generation of Supplier Programs Configurable structures  Real-time monitoring, OEE, indicators
Issuing and closing of manufacturing orders MRP Calculation of Manufacturing Requirements Configurable Processes (Routes)
Monitoring and Control of Production Generation of the Production Master Plan
Management of Outsourcing Representation of the Workloads at “Infinite Capacity”
Production planning and scheduling at “Finite Capacity”


Solmicro ERP Engineering is the ideal ERP management software for project, assembly and engineering companies. It is 100% adapted to managing projects where all the business information centres around aspects such as Works, Project or Service, with its execution forecasts and allocations.

Project and Works Management Graphical Workforce Planning
Generation of budgets
Project and Works Management
Purchases and Shipments against Works
Direct Allocation of Work Orders
Settlement of Employee Expenses
Importing of BC3 files
Housing Development


Solmicro ERP Maintenance (CMMS) manages corrective and preventive maintenance processes with maximum efficiency, enabling the flow of information between technical assistance teams and information from the ERP. Ideal solution for companies that carry out repairs, checks or inspections.

Corrective and Preventive Maintenance Management (CMMS)
Machine Inventory (assets)
Management of Corrective Maintenance
Management of Preventive Maintenance
Technical and financial analysis (CRSs)
Integration with Stocks and Purchases
Resource Planning
Integration with other tools and apps


Solmicro ERP Gestión Integral de Alquiler posibilita el  completo control de alquiler de maquinaria. Su funcionalidad específicamente diseñada contempla las situaciones propias del sector (delegaciones, activos, almacenes, facturación, histórico de movimientos, disponibilidad y situación de parque alquilado…).

Gestión Integral de Alquileres
Gestión de activos, delegaciones, clientes
Gestión de almacenes
Inventarios y Regularizaciones
Histórico detallado de movimientos sobre artículos y máquinas
Gestión de servicio: estructuras, facturación, calendarios, excesos horarios…
Mantenimiento Correctivo y Preventivo de la maquinaria
Disponibilidad y situación del parque de alquiler


Solmicro ERP Distribution brings together all the functionality required when managing the purchase, sale and logistical supply of the companies in the sector, ensuring 100% coordination and control of all their processes, achieving complete traceability and security in these and providing the information required for proper decision-making.

Warehouse Purchasing Sales
Stock Control Processing of Internal Requests Registration and Monitoring of Commercial Offers
Order Point Requirements Request for Quotes from Suppliers and Awarding Contracts Delivery Programmes
Closing Inventories and Valuation Purchase Contracts and Orders Sales Prices, Orders, Shipments, Billing
Control of Batches/Control by Serial Number  Record of Receipts and Invoice Control Self-billing
Electronic Billing


Solmicro ERP Services is the ERP software fully adapted to the needs of the service sector (cleaning, sports clubs, training, consulting and law firms, clinics, security, or any company with a large volume of staff) streamlining all the commercial and administrative processes.

Contractual characteristics, scope of offers
Financial characteristics, expenses, amounts, expected margins, discounts
Project design, phases and labour
Billing milestones, hourly services, billing against certification
Maintenance guarantees and conditions


Solmicro ERP Construction meets the information processing needs of a business sector facing strong demands and dynamism, with its own management elements such as Works, Contracts, Importing of Quotes, Certifications, Visualisation of Workflows and integration with Project, among others.

Project Structure Budget Management Works Maintenance Purchase Management from Works
Phases and work certificates in a hierarchical way Machinery, materials, expenses, etc. by job or by phase Standardisation of tasks or phases of the works and their certificates according to type of works Material needs in the works
Materials, machinery and resources Quotes, copies, new revisions or re-studies Automatic generation of purchases, linking with the Solmicro ERP purchasing module


Solmicro ERP Waste Management is the set of features specially designed for companies that manage hazardous and non-hazardous waste, adapted to the specific features of the GV IKS-eeM system and 100% integrated with the information flows (registrations and declarations of service, transport, deposits, managers, intermediaries, etc.).

Waste Management (Hazardous & Non-Hazardous) Features
Management of Management Centres/Intermediate Managers Waste Information Sheet with basic document management
Management of Producers and Transporters Quotes, copies, new revisions or re-studies
Management of Admission Applications, Acceptances with basic document management Association with the information in the IKS commercial management information system (customer, item and works for billing)
Monitoring and Control Document Management. Printing of official documents Importing of master files for the management of Customer waste, Items/Waste (does not include rates and discounts), Works/Locations
Sending and receiving documents with the IKS platform Interoperability through Plain ASCII Files, Files in XML format, Tables in database, WEB Services
Scale management with control of incoming and outgoing waste in the waste deposit


Solmicro ERP Transport groups together in a single information system, in an integrated and coherent way, all the necessary functionality for the management of warehousing, loads and deliveries in logistics and transport companies, as well as the management of the conditions of partners and their settlements.

Information Management Features
Partners, Associations, Goods, Routes, Trailers, Trucks, Drop Offs Specific processes (Meter number, Application registration date, Proposed date of the service, Customer, Partner or Association, Origin of the job, Destination, Number of trips, Merchandise, Ship, Financial conditions, etc.)
Partner Consumption Control & points management
Settlements and Accounting with partners
Operability through Plain ASCII Files, Files in XML format, Tables in database, WEB Services

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