Your presence in the European Union

We have the expertise.


We have been providing professional international trade services since 1994.

The CETA is a trade agreement between the EU and Canada.
It is going to make it easier to export goods and services.
The specific requirements covered by this agreement are our bread and butter.

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Your presence in the European Union

We know the legal and fiscal difficulties a foreign company can encounter as it tries to break into a new market:

It is very important to understand the culture of the market where we want to sell our products. Each country has its own culture. This means that we need to carry out an in-depth analysis from the start.

Marketing is not the same in every country;

  • Adaptation of accounting procedures. Presentation of books.
  • Market approach. Different regulations.
  • How to develop strategic alliances with other businesses.


There are differences when it comes to services.

  • Product adaptation; certifications.
  • Adaptation of language to Spanish as spoken in Spain.
  • Despite the distance, we will be by your side at all times.
Your presence in the European Union

It’s more a question of time than investment.


Special weapons and tactics

To help you break into your target market, we promise to:

  • Assist you from the initial phases;
  • Explore the terrain in the market you want;
  • Analyse the legal, fiscal and operational stakes involved;
  • Evaluate any potential competition;
  • Study the different distribution channels.

What does all this mean in terms of sales?

It is vital that you master all operational methodology elements

  • HS code
  • Methods of payment
  • Off-line and online marketing;
  • Logistics
  • International contracts
  • The different European customs options
  • Proof of origin in accordance with the origin protocol
  • CETA agreement
  • Documents involved
  • Product certification

Here’s what we can offer you



  • Video-conference meetings (the first one is free of charge)



  • Estimation according to the information received and according to your respective needs



  • Adapted and customised service in different languages (French, English, Spanish)
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